Thursday, April 6, 2017

AirWavePollution 07-15-2015 - Bummer's Eve

Mr. Frankly, AirWavePollution 8-10pm KDVS 90.3 FM, 07-15-2017

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Ian Dury and the Blockheads   Sex and Drugs and Rock n' Roll         1977
Ne-Hi   Drag   Offers   Grand Jury   New
Ne-Hi   Every Dent   Offers   Grand Jury  
Catbath   Jellyfish      Guilt Ridden Pop   New
Brian Eno/Harold Budd   First Light   Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror   EG   1980


Marty Stuart   Way Out West   Way Out West   Superlatone Records   New
Marty Stuart   El Fantasma Del Toro   Way Out West   Superlatone Records  
Michael Chapman   Memphis in Winter   50   Paradise of Bachelors   New
Michael Chapman   The Prospector   50   Paradise of Bachelors  
Hideout   When The Music Stops   So Many Hoops, So Little Time   Small Plates   New
Leif Vollebekk   Road To Venus   Twin Solitude   Secret City   New
The Hepburns   Silence   Theres No Such Thing As The Hepburns   Radio Khartoum   New
The Hepburns   Little London   Theres No Such Thing As The Hepburns   Radio Khartoum   New
Yann Novak   Ornamentation   Ornamentation   Touch   New/2016


Black Abba   Lost Dog   Lost Dog b/w The Manager   Total Punk   New
The Sex Organs   Outer Space   Intergalactic Sex Tourists   Voodoo Rhythm   New
Aquarian Blood   Heaven Is In My Head   Last Nite In Paradise   Goner   New
Teen Idles   Sneakers   Dischord 1981: The Year In 7"      1995/orig 1980
The Damned   New Rose         1976      04/12/2017  playing in Sacramento?Ace of Spades
Make-Overs   It's Not Allowed   Try Me   Heel Turn Records   New
Black Abba   The Manager   Lost Dog b/w The Manager   Total Punk

Television   1880 Or So   Live in SF      2015
Quietus   Your Hidden Swim   Volume 3   Ever/Never   New
Quietus   The Second Night-Blooming   Volume 3   Ever/Never

Moon Duo   Cult Of Moloch   Occult Architecture   Sacred Bones   New
Reptile Ranch   W.T.B.   Self-Titled   C/Site   New/Original 1979/Wales

Sunday, June 19, 2016

AirWavePollution 07/01/2015 - Amara Toure

New comp from Amara Toure - "Singles Collection 1973-1976" (Analog Africa)

Mr. Frankly Wed 10pm to Midnight KDVS, Davis, 90.3 FM  07/01/2015

Amara Toure N'Nijo Singles Collection 1973-1976 Analog Africa Senegalese Afro-Cuban music from the 70s  New
Amara Toure Cuando Llegare Singles Collection 1973-1976 Analog Africa  New


Jonathan Richman Keith Keith b/w They Showed Me The Door To Bohemia Blue Arrow New
Jonathan Richman O Sun O Sun b/w Wait Wait Blue Arrow New
Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe Gone I Declare Nothing A Recordings New
Lida Husik Flower of the Hour Joyride Caroline 1995
Lida Husik Ship Going Down Your Bag Shimmy Disc 1992


Revolting Cocks Gila Copter Linger Ficken' Good...and Other Barnyard Oddities Sire 1993
OA Horsehead Horsehead Edgetone New
Damaged Bug Transmute Cold Hot Plumbs Castle Face New
Thee Oh Sees Lupine Ossuary Mutilator Defeated At Last Castle Face New
Heitor Alvelos The Hopeful Night Faith Touch New


Mayyors White Jeep Megan's LOLZ Gomerdome 2008
The Fall Stout Man Sub-Lingual Tablet Cherry Red New
The Fall Auto Chip 2014-2016 Sub-Lingual Tablet Cherry Red


Hu Vibrational Charas The Epic Botanical Beat Suite Meta New
Harvester Harbor Master's Boat Mt. Tallac Lather New
Jet Electro Gamble Tall Dark and Lonesome, The Story Of Slim Grinder Fowl Tone New
The Lijadu Sisters Baby Daughters Danger Knitting Factory New
The Hemingers Junkie Jane What's A Heminger? Magnetic South New
Psychic Baos Wallet Is Dead Society's Lien On Peace Of Mind/Can't Keep Us Down Magnetic South New
Ravi Shavi Accidental Ravi Shavi Almost Ready New
Day Creeper Just A Game Central States Superdreamer/Heel Turn New
Screature Crumbling Four Columns SS Records New
Nun Subway Nun HoZac New


Henry Threadgill Zooid In For A Penny, In For A Pound In For A Penny, In For A Pound Pi New
Mamitori Ulithi Empress Yonaguni San Gaia Saver 25/12/2013 Bruit Direct Disques New

AirWavePollution 06/10/2015 - The Action Swingers

A new re-release comp of The Action Swingers - "Quit While You're Ahead" originally from 1994, now on (In The Red) Records.

Mr. Frankly Wed 10pm to Midnight KDVS, Davis, 90.3 FM    06/10/2015

Velvet Underground We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together Live In Hamburg 1993/ Official Reunion and last tour
Can Halleluhwah Tago Mago UA 1971/ 3rd album


Michael Stearns Whoosh! Plunge Sonic Atmospheres 1986
Kaz Mirblouk Anything Through The Glass  Lolipop New/Rock n' Roll from DJ Presto Pancake's band!  New
Ancient Sky Invisible Hand All Get Out Wharf Cat 2013
The Ukiah Drag Her Royal Grip In The Reapers Quarters Wharf Cat
The Ukiah Drag The Rat's Waltz In The Reapers Quarters 2014
Alceu Valenca Cabelos Longos Molhado de Suor Sol Re Sol New Re-release, orig 1974
Sidney Miller Um Dia Qualquer Linguas De Fogo Sol Re Sol New Re-release, orig 1974


Can Pinch Ege Bamyasi UA 1974 (4th release)
Prinzhorn Dance School Reign Home Economics DFA New
Prinzhorn Dance School Battlefield Home Economics DFA
Ali Muhareb Thunder and Lightning Walkin' 7" Metal Postcard New  arrival


The Insults I'm Just A Doper Stiff Love 7" Last Laugh New Re-release from 1979
Action Swingers Kicked In The Head Quit While You're Ahead In The Red New Re-release/orig 1994 *new arrival
Action Swingers Bum My Trip Quit While You're Ahead In The Red New
Wiccans Telepathy Field II Hardware Records 2012  New
Ancient Sky Sing Swing Mosaic Wharf Cat New
Big French I Love Her Downtown Runnin Wharf Cat 2013


Can Yoo Doo Right Monster Movie UA 1969

Sunday, January 31, 2016

AirWavePollution - 05/20/2015 - Andy Human and the Reptoids

New Andy Human and the Reptoids - self titled release on (SS Records)

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Mr. Frankly - AirWavePollution - 05/20/2015 - KDVS 90.3 FM 10pm - Midnight
Andy Dale Petty Early Modern Times Frick's Lament Voodoo Rhythm New
Andy Dale Petty Meteor Shower Frick's Lament Voodoo Rhythm
Sarah Mary Chadwick Aquarius/Gemini 9 Classic Tracks Siltbreeze New


Shana Cleveland and the Sandcastles Oh Man, Cover The Ground   Suicide Squeeze New
Paul Cherry Everybody's Burning Out On Top Feel Trip New
Prefab Messiahs Weirdoz Everywhere Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive Burger New
You'll Never Get To Heaven Adorn Adorn Psychic Handshake New
Charles Boyd Bogus 'Shrooms Servant of God Self Released 2014
Wume Control Maintain Ehse New


Easter and the Totem At Full Stretch The Sum Is Greater Than Its Parts SS Records New Re-release, originally from 1986
Easter and the Totem Dreams In Isolation The Sum Is Greater Than Its Parts SS Recor
Easter Monkeys Nailed To The Cross Splendor of Sorrow-The Original Mix + Smog Veil 1990

King Crimson One More Red Nightmare Red Atlantic 1974
Thee Oh Sees Withered Hand Mutilator Defeated At Last Castle Face New
Andy Human and the Reptoids I Got Soul Andy Human and the Reptoids SS Records New


Flug 8 Trans Atlantik Trans Atlantik Disko B New
Various Artists Psy Ants - This Could Be Hell (Live) Living in a Shadow Vacant Valley New Comp
Dickhead Rescue Erepeato More Than... b/w Erepeato Ever/Never New
JJCNV Donkey Brainiac Handsome Flab Fjord New
JJCNV Hunter Of Bugs Brainiac Handsome Flab Fjord
Baba Stilz Hotel Exile Total Studio Barnhus New
Dave Arvedon Fancy Woman The Best Of Dave Arvedon Vol. 2 Mighty Mouth Music New

Airbreak- SSeepage Frame 353 Depleted SSeepage Coaxt New Rob Mazurek, Exploding Star Orchestra Free Agents Of Sound Galactic Parables Vol. 1

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

AirWavePollution - 04/29/2015 - Mazhar ve Fuat - "Turkuz Turku Cagiririz!"

A New Re-Release From The Turkish Duo Mazhar ve Fuat - "Turkuz Turku Cagiririz!" (Shadocks)  Originally released in 1973

Mr. Frankly Wednesday 04/29/2015 -  10 pm to Midnight KDVS, Davis, CA. 90.3FM

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Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3     Tell Me When It's Over     Live in Studio A     Self Released    
3/9/2005, KDVS Studio A Recording    
Jonathan Richman     Keith         Blue Arrow     New Single from JR    
Honey Bucket     Jon Song     New Operation 7"     Metal Postcard     New    
Saun & Star     Look Closer     Look Closer     Daptone     New/ Background


Mazhar ve Fuat     Turkuz Turku Cagiririz!     Turkuz Turku Cagiririz!     Shadoks    
New Re-release/ original release - 1973    
Mazhar ve Fuat     Seviyorum Seni Canim     Turkuz Turku Cagiririz!     Shadoks        
Baba Commandant & The Mandingo Band     Tile     Juguya     Sublime Frequencies     New/ music from Burkina-Faso    
Ecstatic Music Of The Jemaa El FNA     Troupe Majidi - Essiniya         Sublime Frequencies     2010    
M. Ostermeier     Stasis     Still     Tench     New    


The Cure     Fire In Cairo     Three Imaginary Boys     Fiction     1979    
Kim Gray     Why Is Red?     Backseat Bingo     Resurrection Records     New    
Wasnt Wisnt     Baby Drill     Steel Cut     Self Released     New    
Jimmy Whispers     I Get Lost In You In The Summertime     Summer In Pain Demos     Moniker/Field
Mates     New    
Jimmy Whispers     Keeping Me High     Summer In Pain Demos     Moniker/Field Mates        
Woolen Men     Rain     Rain Shapes EP     Log Lady     New    
Shilpa Ray     Burning Bride     Last Year's Savage     Northern Spy     New    
Kellari Trio     Slow     Kellari Trio     Edgetone     New    


Male Gaze     Gale Maze     Gale Maze     Castle Face     New    
Soft Shoulder     Happy Birthday, Iggy     Stair     Gilgongo     New    
Soft Shoulder     Set It Down     Fabric     Gilgongo     New    
Soft Shoulder     Von Guts (VG+)     Von Guts     Gilgongo     New    
Thigh Master     Age Of Concern     Age Of Concern 7"     Tenth Court     New
Brando's Island     Autism Vision     Autism Vision b/w Auto Warfare     MILLION DOLLAR     New    
Steve Coleman and the Council of Balance     Acupuncture Openings     Synovial Joints    
Pi  Recordings   New    


Quttinirpaaq     Dead Birds     Dead September     Rural Isolation Project     New    
Obnox     Signal Takeover     Know America     Ever/Never     New    
Detatched Objects     Smell It     Detatched Objects     Gilgongo     New    

Silver Shadows     Say Anything     Silver Shadows     Gilgongo     New      

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

AirWavePollution - 04/01/2015 - Lightning Bolt - "Fantasy Empire"

 New release from Lightning Bolt - "Fantasy Empire" (Thrill Jockey Records)

Mr. Frankly Wednesday 04/01/2015 -  10 pm to Midnight KDVS, Davis, CA. 90.3FM

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     Harmonia     Deluxe (Immer Wieder)     Deluxe     Brain     1975

    Pop-O-Pies     Truckin'     The White EP     415 Records     1982    
    Saccharine Trust     I Am Right     Paganicons     SST     1981    
    Saccharine Trust     Words Left Unspoken     Worldbroken     SST     1985/With Mike Watt playing bass    
    Coitus Int.     Cat-Like Movements     Coitus Int.     Bunkerpop     New re-release from 1981      *new arrival
    Fang     The Money Will Roll Right In     Lanshark     Boner     1983

    Platinum Boys     Ride Free     Future Hits     Dusty Medical     New      *new arrival
    Lou Miami and the Kotmetix     Fascist Lover         Final Vinyl     1982    
    The Blackouts     Young Man     History In Reverse     K     2004    
    The Blackouts     Happy Hunting Ground     History In Reverse            
    No Trend     Teen Love             1983    


    The Fartz     Children Of The Grave [Black Sabbath]     World Full Of Hate     Alternative Tentacles     1982    
    Lightning Bolt     Over The River And Through The Woods     Fantasy Empire     Thrill Jockey     New   
 Liturgy     Father Vorizen     The Ark Work     Thrill Jockey     New      *new arrival
    Pop O Pies     Ana Ripped Me Off     The White EP         1982    
    Pop O Pies     Timothy Leary Lives                
    The Fall Outs     Zombie     Sleep     Super Electro Sound     1994    
    Catt Butt     Zombie     Journey To The Center Of Cat Butt     Sub Pop     1989

    James Blackshaw     Winter Flies     Summoning Suns     Important     New    
    Chastity Belt     Trapped     Time To Go Home     Hardly Art     New     
    Monophonics     Strange Love     Sound Of Sinning     Transistor Sound     New

    Schizofrenia     Schizofrenia     Taste Of Blues     SSR     1969

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

AirWavePollution - 03/25/2015 - Wand - "Golem"

A New 12" vinyl release from Wand - "Golem" (In The Red Records)

Mr. Frankly Wednesday 03/25/2015 -  10 pm to Midnight KDVS, Davis, CA. 90.3FM

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Neu!     Hallogallo             1972
Tom Brosseau     Take Fountain     Perfect Abandon     Crossbill     New
Mark Olson     Poison Oleander     Good-bye Lizelle     Glitterhouse     New


The King Khan & BBQ Show     Snakin' After Midnight     Bad News Boys     In The Red     New
The Blind Shake     Tar Paper     Fly Right     Slovenly     New
Wand     Self Hypnosis In 3 Days     Golem     In The Red     New
Wand     Cave In     Golem     In The Red    
Buck Biloxi and the Fucks     Tough Shit     Culture Demanufacturer     Total Punk     New
Useless Eaters     American Cars     Singles: 2011-2014     Slovenly     New Comp


Creature Automatic     Under The Arc Light     Dust Clouds May Exist     Telegraph Harp     New
Creature Automatic     Kids     Dust Clouds May Exist     Telegraph Harp    
Parquet Courts     Raw Milk     Live at Third Man Records     Third Man Records     New
Parquet Courts     Into The Garden     Live at Third Man Records     Third Man Records    
Parquet Courts     Sunbathing Animals     Live at Third Man Records     Third Man Records

The Untamed Youth     She's So Satisfying     Some Kinda Fun     Norton     1988
The Zoltars     Bad Man     The Zoltars     Happenin     New
The Zoltars     Bad Man     The Zoltars     Happenin     New
The Zoltars     Poisonous Poet     The Zoltars     Happenin    
The Zoltars     Poisonous Poet     The Zoltars     Happenin    
Xetas     The Tether     The Redeemer     12XU     New
Blaxxx     Get A Hold Of Your Life     For No Apparent Reason     12XU     New


Radio Vietnam     Hit Zones     Radio Vietnam     Sublime Frequencies     New sound collage via Vietnamese Radio
Various Artists     Help Us In This Life - Pham Mong Hai     Hanoi Masters     Glitterbeat     New Comp
The Brian Jonestown Massacre     Apres Le Vin     Musique De Film Imagine     A Recordings     New Faux Movie Soundtrack
Chris Brokaw     Skating Under Glass     The Periscope Twins     12XU     New