Wednesday, November 27, 2013

AirWavePollution - 11/20/2013 - William Parker - "Wood Flute Songs"

A brand new anthology/live set from William Parker - "Wood Flute Songs: 2006-2012" (AUM Fidelity Records)

MR. Frankly - AirWavePollution - KDVS 90.3 FM - Wednesday 10 to Midnight 11/20/2013

    Listen Here!

    Artist    Song    Album    Label    Comments

    William Parker    Tears For The Children Of Rwanda    Wood Flute Songs - Anthology/Live 2006-2012    AUM Fidelity    New
    Howe Gelb    Unforgivable    Coincidentalist    New West    New - Live in SF 11/21/13
    Marisa Anderson    Mojave    Mercury    Mississippi    New
    Bill Callahan    The Sing    Dream River    Drag City    New
    The Union Electric    Nothing To Be Done    From Bad to Worstward    Extension Chord    New 7
    Carlton Melton    Keeping On    Always Even    Agitated Records    New


    Cross Record    Watching Something Nice    Be Good    Ba Da Bing    New
    The Numbers Band    Animal Speaks    Jimmy Bell's Still In Town    Exit Stencil    New
    Throwing Muses    #4    Purgatory/Paradise    IT Books/Harper Collins    New
    Steve & The Jerks and Anteenagers M.C.    Mao Vs The Sparrows    Campo-logy    Fish Lips    New
    Gizmos    Rockin' For Tacos    Go To Purdue: Live 1979    Gulcher    New - Live from 1979
    Psychomagic    Elvis On The Moon    Psychomagic    Self Released    New


    The Gories    Nautiloid Reef    The Shaw Tapes: Live in Detroit '88`    Third Man Records    New/ From 1988
    The Gories    Leavin' Here    The Shaw Tapes: Live in Detroit '88`    Third Man Records   
    Bipolaroid    Tonight We Paint The Town Our Favorite Colour    Twin Language    Get Hip    New
    White Fence    The Pool    Live In San Francisco    Castle Face    New
    Ernest Gibson    Groupwork    Island records    Skrot Up    New 12
    Angie    Parallels    Turning    Rice Is Nice / Easter Bilby     New 12


    Spray Paint    Bring Dumpster Back    Rodeo Songs    SS Records    New
    Life Stinks    Cemeteries    Life Stinks    SS Records    New
    Gooch Palms    Hungry    Novo's    Anti Fade     New 12
    Ausmuteants    Bad Day    Amusements    Aarght!    New 12
    The Dangermen    Executive    Executive    Swashbuckling Hobo Records    New 7
    Carla Bley, Andy Sheppard, Steve Swallow    Utviklingsaang    Trios    ECM    New


    Babysitter    Real Wild Child's Gone Totally Mild    Eye    Psychic Handshake    New
    Bad Daddies/Lognhalsmottagningen    Lognhalsmottagningen    Split    Emotional Response    New split 7
    Nerve City    Maverick Motel    Asleep on the Tracks    Sweet Rot    New 12
    Rent Romus' Life Blood    Infinitism    Truth Teller    Edgetone Records    New


  1. Hey Mr. Frankly - how does one download your show? I'm only seeing an option to stream it on my computer...any options for offline listening?

  2. Hey Jay, streaming is all we can offer at KDVS. The stream works until the end of the quarter or when our server reaches it's limit and starts dumping shows....Downloading the shows would make the artists pretty angry, they might never send us records again....Hope you enjoy the tunes, pretty much new stuff right outta the mail bin each week.